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The Perfect Donor is an exploration into the world of commercial egg donation. The emotional stories of young women who provide eggs, so that others can create the families of their dreams, reveal why women become egg donors, how they feel about the process, and how they think about the children born from their eggs.

Interviews with medical doctors, egg donor agency founders and recruiters, psychologists, and geneticists take a look inside the egg donation industry, and shed light on a controversial and timely subject.

While some women are overjoyed at their role in helping others bring children into their lives, others discover that the thousands of dollars they receive for their eggs comes at a greater cost. In the United States alone, there are over 18,000 in vitro fertilization cycles per year using fresh donor eggs, giving hope to people who need help to have a child. Agencies and clinics rely on young, healthy women to come forward to “donate” eggs for pay. People who need an egg donor look for women with specific traits—such as high intelligence, athletic abilities, blue eyes, model-type looks, or simply someone who looks like them—traits they hope to see in their future child.

Many films address the emotional, sometimes global, journeys of the people who desperately want a child and can't have one on their own. But egg donors are often the silent, barely visible, forgotten contributors of genetic material for someone else's child.

What are their stories? ​The Perfect Donor gives voice to women on their journeys through egg donation.  

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